Restoration of deep sea habitats with the active collaboration of fishing industry stakeholders


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Innovation and cooperation to restore sea habitats off the Catalonia coast

The goal of the LIFE ECOREST project is to restore around 30,000 hectares of deep sea habitats with a high ecological value located off the coast of the provinces of Girona and Barcelona, both in Catalonia, with the active collaboration of fishing industry stakeholders.
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Sea habitats restoration and the LIFE ECOREST project


Corals and Gorgonia are some of the species that inhabit deep sea habitats. These species are the landscapers of sea bottoms. They provide shelter and food to many species.

ACTIONS to be carried out

With the general purpose of improving the conservation status of deep sea habitats and support an efficient participatory approach that involves fishing sectors stakeholders.
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Participation, capacitation and governance

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Informative and educative projects and results transference

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